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Through 27 years of teaching experience, we have developed a professional coach training method, so that students who join the KDA dance teacher class can not only learn professional dance skills in a relatively short period of time, but also learn the professional skills that dance teachers should have. Theoretical knowledge, teaching skills, choreography skills, etc. The courses will be the first-level zero-basic teacher training course, the second-level in-depth teacher training course, and the third-level advanced teacher training course. Every step can lay a solid foundation and progress step by step; a variety of teaching methods are used in the teaching process, such as mirror teaching method, CP teaching method, group teaching method, simulation teaching method, etc., so that students can fully absorb in the process of learning and practice, have Higher professional skills and relatively comprehensive teaching ability.
The first order zero basic teacher training course
Target audience: For dance lovers who are interested in dance but have no foundation
Teaching time: Contact for details 
Each time   : 3h/class hour, two classes per week
Class time  : Contact for details
Language explanation: Chinese
Students who complete the assessment will receive a university diploma.

Course introduction: various styles of basic dance courses, basic dance syllabus, classroom dance teaching methods, dance teaching skills, music theory, dance choreography, psychology, subconsciousness, dance safety knowledge, dance teaching evaluation.
Teaching Course Certificates  
Aesthetic Group Gymnstics
- Rhythmic Gymnastics
- Ballet

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