What is Rhythmic Gymnastics & How we Conduct the Class?

Rhythmic gymnastics is governed by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), At the international level, rhythmic gymnastics is a women sport only, and recently men has began to participate in the sport. Japan and other countries have applied Men Rhythmic Gymnastics in to International Sport Event but it has not been approved. Rhythmic gymnastics mainly five apparatus includes: rope, hoop, ball, club and ribbon. Freehand is only used in local competitions, or usually for the beginner levels. This sport combines a variety of performance includes: gymnastics, acrobatics, ballet or the essence of any style of dance. The physical difficulty performed are: jumping, balancing, rotation, risks is a high throw of the apparatus during the physical rotation then catch the apparatus, dance step combinations and apparatus difficulties There are two categories in Rhythmic Gymnastic • Individual • Group Exercise How do we conduct the class? • We start with warm-up. Warm up is very important as it can help a gymnast to achieve better result and prevent themselves from possible injuries. Coaches usually will choreograph the warm up with music so that the training can be more interesting and effective. • Moving on, we will continue with line work whereby gymnasts will be positioned row by row because it allows coaches to observe students easily. • While doing line work, it can also allow gymnasts to work on their acrobatic moves and linking movements. • In addition, line work also consists other benefits to gymnasts such as teaming up with the partner in doing balances, jumps/leaps and rotations. This allows gymnasts to work in synchronization with the partner while excelling in their moves. As mentioned above we have a total of 5 different apparatus which means apparatus training will be carried out during training to train gymnastsí» hand-eye coordination. With consistent and frequent training with the apparatus will help gymnasts to build confident in competitions.

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# to accomplish great things, in addition to dream In addition to passing on the knowledge of dance, the dance teacher more hope the students can find them dream of there. Dream...... Can be a dance teacher and contribute to education Be a dancer enjoys the stage and who enjoys below the stage spotlight performance Or an athlete present of the countryúČwin glory for the country Fight for your dreams Let you Dance Your way to wonderful life

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