Fun with RG online Competition
Fun with RG online Competition

Fun with RG ONLINE competition 

You want to win total value 25,000 RMB? Just very  simple:

learn follow

record & upload sending

Russia coach master course

International exchange activities with other countries children

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Video upload closing date:

29/04/2020 ~ 30/05/2020

Video Selectionú║

01/06/2020 ~ 07/06/2020

Final : 14/06/2020

The online competition is held by the collaboration of China Zhong Ling International Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and Malaysia Kinetic Dance Academy.

During this special period, we hope that gymnasts are able to train at home to maintain the enthusiasm of competition, as well as to get the opportunity of exchange and interaction through the online RG competition

Total great prizes around 25,000 RMB waiting to you, what are you waiting for? Hurry up register now!

Competition Information Please Visitú║

Published : 30-Apr-2020

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